Areas of the Brain

It is harder for me to write. I guess we have to simply accept the mistakes.

When I was a child my parents put me in a French school when I was a child.

In Lycée in Brasil I had to speak most things in french, also english and portugues.

I hated. I went to Lycée in Argentina and there french and spanish. When we return to Brasil as an adolescent I cried, scream to get put of the French school and go to Brazilian school.

Mu father did not want, and my mother accepted.

I moved and was choked how boring was Brazilian school I went.We had to read the same book. We had to classes and for exams we had to write the same thing we had learned. For that we had a great notes.

In Lycee it was the opposite. The same what you have learned you get bad notes. To be good it have to be thoughts after we have learned.

To read we would go to the place of books to choose of the book we think is good. All my friends had different than me. After maybe a week we had an exam. That was to tell others about the book and what we thought. That I started to love reading.

The funny thing is that with my coma now it is easier to write than to read. I realise it is probably in different parts of the brain.

I am writing this because as I had told in my coma I could not do anything I am slowly returning.

As I am in Asia I have to speak english, French, Spanish and I realise that what I learned as a child is more strong after.

I had learned some of Duch in Holland, I lived there and my first husband eas from there, Arab from Palestine, Hebrew because my Phd , Thai because I was volunteer teaching english in a small village where just no one lady spoke English. Italian because when I lived in Australia I was forced to learn another language.

As I am in Thailand I realise it is hard to return to what you learn not as a child.

I also realise that are many parts of the brain. I was always bad with numbers. I am worse now. I also had to learn swimming, flexibility like yoga, music as a child.

As I am travelling to places I know well I can swim , do Yoga, bicycles, walks.

I see this days a women from Thailand adopted a child here in Thailand who was pregnant 18. It was her student, she was afraid. She told her she would adopt her . I thought all people who want to have children they choose learn from my coma.

I realise if my parents had not made me learn languages, movements of body, music, mathematics I realise I would not be able to bagly to write this. Even with mistakes I know it is importanta.

I do not think your kids have coma. I say because my grandmother is 94 and reads in 3 la languages. Have broken legs but it is doing Physiotherapy . Grand ma always did gim.And she says she is old I get books, music for values of life. Values is to live even in losses.

I guess I write this that I realise how profoundly how is important it is for the kids to learn when they are young. Their lives will be better. Getting older will be better. Use all the areas of the brain. Languages, mathematics, art, music, yoga, Swim etc,

I would like to go to Lycée to say thank you for teaching me to have thoughts in relationship to what we have learned. Never to simply say the same you have learned.

And I also realise that I am thankfully to my mother who is 70 and have always accepted my ideas, made me live out of family at 15. To have always to deal with my huge different ideas. I had learned in Licee not to copy, to thin.

Like now. I change my plan and me and Andre are going to Vietnam. This is the place I have never been. I admire my mom did not say “ Dont go” Even Dad once had to came here to take me out of coma in Thailand. Mom and Dad.

She said “ Enjoy” My grandma is the same. “ I am happy you are enjoying”.

Remember now I write and make mistakes. That is ok for me.

I also forget images, faces, memory and the music is harder the melodies.. never the words, the name 🙂

I guess we have to accepts falls but that is not to keep present thinking the past is better. As Dalai Lama says

” when we loose don’t the lesson. ”

Why do I love the whole World?

I am hoping to go back to Asia. Sometimes I wonder why I love so much Asia. As I have already said that I was in Coma two times. On the first time I was in Thailand. I love Thailand. I have been there many times for many months. I was volunteer teaching English in a school where just one lady spoke English. It was Piwatana who told me to call her Pai Mama.

That time I started to see the difference of the school that I knew. They were from the west. The school where I was volunteering was in a small village in Thailand. There where young children that where responsible for cleaning the classes of the school. At first as someone from the occident I thought it was horrible. In few days I saw it was great. I could see how much it meant to the children.

I was not surprised that when children where in cave that as they took them out the first they did not tell who was. I was not surprised that they did not scream, cry, as they came out. This is what I remember of Asia. In Asia they give value of a group. I would imagine that in Brasil the richer would pay to get first that child and know the name. This I really thing of the Occident.

As I keep thinking I remember how much in many countries of Asia they give value to getting older. They value them for the knowledge they get by getting older. I usually kept seeing people going forward positively..

My grandmother is almost 94 and she thinks she is very old in a way of thinking negatively. My grandmother has amazing memory. She reads in many languages, but she thinks is bad to go forward.

Here in Brasil, in the state of Sao Paulo, there are many ladies who do their hair like my grandmother. That are many ladies who are 90 till 100 years. I learned from the lady who makes the hair. There are many women who are 100 years doing that hair with her.

I met a friend of Andre that is of a family that came from Japan. His Grandfather is 107 and he lives alone and is well. Naoko who is my friend and does acupuncture is 82 and is always in the present and loves to learn new courses, new things every day. She is also is a daughter of Japanese family. As she told me, that in Japan they call her Brazilian, and here they call her Japanese. At first, they even gave her the name Neusa. It took years for her to simply present herself with her real name Naoko. In Japan they give a Huge value to get older.

As I was speaking to my friend who was born in Brasil but his family is from India. We spoke of the differences when we feel we are from out. We lived all over the world and travelled the world. That who has lived liked me and Sho probably feels we are of the world.

Our deep friends are not from countries, not families, nor religion, nor politics. It is more about trying to understand the versions of seeing and understanding what the world is. What do we have to learn? What do we give?? We have people of 108 years, this is nothing of the world. Even Human beings are also young in the world. Since we are in this world for a small time. What do we give? What do we value?

I have deep friends all over the world. As I was speaking to Sho we spoke of this huge difference of being present. He also thought in the west we are in a hurry. Why are we???

As I am getting better we don’t know. I know I had an epileptic attack in Morocco in the house of my dear friend Mounia. My epilepsy has nothing to do with Morocco. Morocco will be forever inside of me because of Mounia, Leila, Mustapha. That is deeply part of my life. And now I know that they have tried to understand all over the world but we don’t know.

I asked Andre to not work this year and to travel. We went to travel a bit Brasil before Asia. I was amazed to see that people in Brasil out of Sao Paulo started to tell me they were very old when they were 50. They did not talk about it positively. They thought about it negatively.

I made my parents and doctor shocked months ago. I said I would go back to Asia. I did not know where, but I wanted to go to Asia. And then my friend Pao, my dear friend from Thailand asked me “When will I meet Andre?” I knew immediately. Thailand and Laos. MutMee!!! If you ever go to Thailand, go to MutMee. It is in front of Mekong. How beautiful the sunset is. There you have the luck to meet Julian. His stories are amazing. And with my bad memories I always remember of hearing. And there I always met great people.

I am deeply happy that I will go back and now even my parents, my doctor are not afraid, they are happy. I love Asia and I respect the world, but I try to learn more to be present. Pao as we speak tells me “Don’t be in a hurry. Come slowly.”

I love Asia. I hope it will all be nice and that I do not give problems to other there. I hope Andre will love Mut Mee. I never met someone who just stayed one day. We stop and stayed more there. I guess it was the best to make me be present.

As Sho said we should not hurry for the future. We should accept our problems and try everyday day to give the huge values that we have even in our problems, and mistakes. That is why I guess I love Asia. It is the place where people give value to experiences and the more we grow they have more value. And always more in present. I could not be wrong but that is what I feel.

I just realise that I love Asia, and feel I am from the whole world. It is because my mom and dad always made me learn languages, to travel, to sturdy all over the world. As they are in 70 my mam, and 68 my dad. They keep travelling and doing loads of exercises 🙂