Totally Recommended


BardoCidao Best little pub of traditional music in Sao Paulo. It is small. It is a gem. It is open ever day a week. Cidao died but nowadays the bar is run and owned by this widow Rose. It is where I celebrated my bday after my near death, and my book. Truly special place.

Casa do Nucleo It is way fancier then Cidao. But it is what it feels like to go to someone’s house to listen to music. Just great!

Margarida +55113289-6939 Best Masseuse I’ve ever been to. Thanks to her I am back to eating : ) She knows many techniques. Just really amazing and I found her by chance.

Sampape  Are you in Sao Paulo? Do you want to know what the city is like? Look for these guys they have walks around the city. Look for Victor Mendes. He speaks English and he knows all about it. You can either join a tour or have a private one. They are really great!


Eliecer Eilecer was my guide. He took me to the mountains when I could barely walk. 3156218092

Thailand, Nong Khai

MutMee My home in Asia. It is just simply a very special place for no particular reason.

Visual Art and Design

GustavoSoares  Great artist in general. Just truly brilliant! I have seen music he has composed, drawings he had made, models he has built, he is meticulous about all that he does. He designed this book and above all has an amazing soul!

Leila Alaoui Brilliant photographer. Always helped me to see borders in an artistic way.


Met in the US, met again in Morocco when she had become a talented painter. She has a whole series of paintings that were inspired on me when I was sick during my stay at her house. A great friend.


We met by the Mekong. She gave me her art and the name to this book. The Mosaic in this book is made by pieces she collected by the Thames. They are the remains of china, pipes, that ended up travelling the river. In her words “They probably had a long journey before they ended up here in this mosaic.”

ThomazBondioli  Brilliant conceptual artist.

ValerieCiriadès My childhood friend who was always an artist. Who is now a brilliant fashion designer and took in the huge challenge to draw in one night what she felt from chapter 16



Met in a concert he organized in Sao Paulo. Great pianist.

Gabriel Deodato

Brilliant musician made home to me at the bar do Cidao.

GaspardDeloison Met listening him playing Django by the Mekong. Absolutely talented composer though he can’t see it.


Met in the UK while she was doing her PhD in Physics bought a Piano and started to compose. Became my great friend.


They play at the Bar do Cidao. They made home to me in Brazil.

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