My name is Julieta Falavina. I have just come home to my native country Brazil yesterday after spending 11 years living abroad.  In these years I studied and I travelled a lot.

I have repeated this extensively but I ll do it here once more. I have been always intrigued and fascinated by how similar and different we are as human beings. The more I have crossed borders the more evident it has become to me how arbitrary are the languages, religions, the customs, the food etc that separates us and it has become equally evident the humanity that connects us all, in spite of these differences.

This is my attempt to finally compile most of the collective emails I have written since I started to travel.

I have written initially to let my friends know of the voice of those who had no voice.  Writing these emails which ended up reaching hundreds of people I encountered my own.


I search for the human in all encounters I have.

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