Sho and Vietnam 1

Sho was a special friend, since I met him in New York, in 2001. But we knew each other through the world and through time. And he did, and he thought of the other, and when he left he was waking up. He always did the act of standing up for others, but he always didn’t see his worth.

Sho would go to college at night and I would go to college in the morning, but it was André Akamine who introduced us. We went to an Indian restaurant. And to this day it’s my favorite food. It was around this time in 2001 that I started to learn about the traditions of India.

The last time I traveled to Asia was in 2018. I wanted to introduce my husband to Asia, we were in Laos and we knew that Sho was nearby. He told us that he was going to celebrate his birthday in Vietnam.

In India, I learned that food is the mind that brings us health. Back in India, I started drinking 2 liters of water a day, water and tea. I didn’t even drink coffee in Brazil, but I did in the Middle East, and now I drink coffee🙂. But the last time Sho introduced us to Vietnam, he introduced me to egg coffee.

Since I’d been in Asia for so long, and I had always been told it was dangerous and ugly, from people who probably had never been there, I always knew you’ll never quite know about the beautiful things in the world.

But I’ve already said, normally those who speak ill of Asia, should not go there. I love discovering new countries and areas. And I also know that Sho had lived in several cities, as I have, but which makes us more open to the world than ever. It’s an eye

So we celebrated his birthday and learned a thousand touching and wonderful things. As I learned from the occupation of Vietnam, which was both French and American. But what touched me the most about colonization around the world was learning from the lamas about not going to war. They meditated while being burned.

Also, how do we drink coffee with eggs? A lot of people are disgusted to try it, but it’s tasty and we learned the story.

“First created in Hanoi in 1946, egg coffee is the brainchild of Nguyen Van Giang. In response to the pressures of a milk shortage caused by the French War (also known as the First Indochina War). Giang introduced an egg as a much-needed substitute for milk while working as a bartender at the Sofitel Legend Metropole. I always say the Sofitel Legend Metropole is worth a visit in Asia. But I also said that the first time I went to London. So I went to see Sho, and I was with my friend Pet from Hong Kong. But Sho was working in a bank. So I say the world is like that. And years later I was in London, and Sho was in another country.

But for me to tell you little by little, how I started to learn to travel alone, when we were in Bolivia. But it helped me around the world, I always feel like it’s there. But Sho was the best for his advice. I’ve traveled in Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and I love the world.

With love, Jules

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