Memory of the Present, the a gift

I haven’t seen my friend Rodrigo Vilela for years and he came to visit me. I’ve been meditating for a while, but I always ask questions about life stories. Even more than my friend. he worked in recycling, and he worked for Globo. So I knew he would have stories around the world. But our meeting made us meditate and quiet our minds.

The story he told me touched me, I thought it should become a movie. It was about a young man, I say he was born in Brazil, in Minas, he was from his little town and he liked philosophy and wanted to be a priest. He had almost no money, but he went to São Paulo and helped students get into college. He couldn’t go himself.

But it was at the time of the dictatorship, and it was just starting, that I saw young people who wanted to study at colleges they didn’t want from people who liked to question.

But it was a phase and even then it was not very accepted to help students. At a certain point he realized that he was going to be killed and had to live in houses and neighborhoods and flee Brazil.

Until that I thought it was one of the most terrible things I’ve ever heard, but life surprised me even more.

He had to flee the country and figure out how he was going to walk to the Bolivian border. I managed to fake the time of a football game.

He went and managed to arrive in Chile and tried to go to Switzerland, Italy and denied. He managed to go to France.

He couldn’t stop wanting to be a priest, he went to learn French and went to the temple and started studying and writing poems.

There he fell in love with the nun, who was there and began to write poems for her. And finally managed to get rid of the books.

It touched me. Because this story wasn’t from the Unknown, but I didn’t know. The story came from the parents of Rodrigo, from my friend , whom we got married at in school and we where the June festival and studied at the Licée Pasteur.

Even more ironic is that my friend is gay. And we are atheists and we like reincarnation better.

Maybe because we feel called in life, and we are still in life. I joke that we are caviar left, but we think, and we are discovering ourselves through meditation. We are together in the spirituality of discovering who we are. Don’t abandon who you are, you can’t even tell how many people help you, you’ve already helped. But that’s how much you’ll see through meditation.

With love Jules

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