My Friends in the path

Nothing is valued at the moment and nothing is known I went back to meditating.

And according to Dr Rodrigo I saw the result of my new exam. And he told me that there is no new lesion in my brain, you can’t even imagine my happiness.

Like I said, all takedowns have an edge. I hallucinated a lot and the thoughts were the same. In the first Coma I always thought negative, and I thought that people wanted to poison me. In the second I heard voices. And then a voice inside my head turned from outside and walked away from me. I went back to meditating. I forgot. And I was lucky when I spoke to a Tibetan lama and asked what it was. This happened last year. I wondered if it was a spiritual enemy thing and he told me it must be an injury to my brain, that I should meditate. I confess that, for a change, I was disappointed and expected something better. And that had a resolution

Dr Rodrigo told me that he must
Injury related to a part of the brain.

This touched me, after all he thought like Lama GyaLtseng, that it was an injury. Buddhism always respects science.

I told you about me meditating, and that I realize that when I hallucinate it seems to have something to do with when I get nervous and hallucinate and that I meditate it lessens.

I came back my way. In addition to asking for help from nature, I ask to be connected by the energy of my friends.

I ask for contact with my friends that I met by chance and who are on this path.

Then came Sho, the Denise I met in the Dalai Lama’s class, and she introduced me to the lamas in Tibet. Then I met Isabel and when I lived in Peru I went to a lama’s class and she lives in Peru, but she is from Chile.

But this year, I met Lúcia in a Drinkung class in Ubatuba. And the Lama lives in Chile and is from Nepal.

During this contact, I met her meditating with Thalita. And me meditating in front of the sea, and Helena I met and she filmed it and then when I woke up she asked me if I could. She has been days and sent me.

I was so moved, I could see the people who are still in my mind, in my meditation.

In our conversations about so many things. And I felt like we are friends. Nothing is wrong with people who are on the same path. Just like the people who help us and don't even know it. So my friends, I just wanted to give my gratitude. So my friends, meditation is the best gift. We've all done it, even for a few seconds.

With love, Jules

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