Our anchor is our mind

Life is ironic. And we have to deal with ourself , my friend told me. I always liked to keep watch and in fact, I didn’t even know why I was alive. But now I am present.

Today I saw a message that I wrote la from Asia and said 12 years ago.

“You know when you grow up and people teach you to get tired of strangers? Your first hears it from the parents, then you learn it in political speeches, then the scientists will give you how two evolutionary would have selected the group… things. I try my best to go to the homes of groups we hear are so different from us. Every time you go, over and over, over and over, if you show your best self to be respectable… People know. You obviously always make mistakes and rules to break you obviously because you’re not socialized in that system, but as people are always felt generously when you’re trying and always more generous I’m being weird for those transgressions than for your own. Of course, we are in these situations like children who don’t know. I’ve never felt more than now that strangers are like the kindest people there are. I feel it’s not just about assigning responsibilities. What I mean is this: in many places like things that cannot be responsible for what they do not know about. That’s certainly true, but somehow I feel like we’re kinder to strangers because it’s so easy to be. It is not easy to identify to them a more secret meaning or motivation for a particular action. In fact, I think it’s the people who are close, the ones who let into our deepest, darkest places, who are the most dangerous of all. These hurt you like nothing else. But nevertheless, we must always open up, otherwise what kind of life would we live? “

I think it’s amazing that I’m like this. I miss words, languages ​​as they say my brain exists. But when I read today , and this message also I said ? But in way I am still the same. I still believe in the unknown. I believe that freedom can allow us to be free. Those were close they have their perception of how we are.”Years ago I was rescued by a sweet stranger guy and was a friend of a friend I had met in

This was from a new friend those days, who did more than I could ever ask form. This stranger took me to a doctor, helped me with bureaucratic situations, gave me food and shelter when I needed it most. This stranger gave me the feeling of being at home with mother, brother and sister, dog and cat. And when this stranger finally let go of me as if all this weren’t enough, he gave me a small gift

“It’s no big deal. But it has meaning.”

I open my hands and see a small anchor. I smile.

“You can go on and when you need you can use an anchor. You will find many anchors on your way. I am one for you.”

It made me smile. Me and tell him. I’ve lived in so many countries and languages ​​and friends but I don’t remember my friend’s name.

But when I read , what I had said comes in my mind is deep. All the memories, is in our mind and not the brain.

I never have any animal, always thought it was to take away the freedom of the animal. But then came in our house Dao came here in January here.

Since I live in Thailand, and I my friend saw the picture , he told me she was Siamese

Dao does not have a anchor , but she makes me be present. It is even more Ironic because I never want to be in prison a person or an animal. I love birds because they go away .
I did all kinds of Yoga, Tai Chi chuang, Ballet and I aways run away.

But my responsible of companion on yoga and meditate.
I am always about freedom but it is Dao who put me in prison. She wakes me up and then I go back to yoga I mix
with the way she makes her movements I eat when she is going to eat.

Even funny that she comes to my house and she meditate with me. She does not like other cata, nor kill birds. Sometimes I think she would Budhist temples in Thailand. Doe she feals alone with the same? Is it the nature? I guess my friend

Dao is my companion to meditate and she even observe the birds. I’m trying to teach her to eat something differently and kill a bird🙂

But I guess that Dao makes me be more present , she bites on me, my brain was destroy but I say the same
These hurt you like nothing else. But nevertheless, we must always open up, otherwise what kind of life would we live?

But it is our mind that is our anchor. And the way is our meditation.

Love, Jules

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