Word puts agent in the prison of ourselves.

I was in the kitchen, which is a place I didn’t know. I stayed there for so long.

No cooking, but I know how to talk and learn, I always knew. But the truth is, we don’t even realize the value. Just by cleaning in the kitchen I learned old lessons. But while I was cleaning I got a message from Rafaela. It was a long message but it touched me a lot.

I had sent a question from the Indigenous people, and she responded.

Rafaela is a psychologist, and an anthropologist, she had even seen her as a psychologist in the Amazon.

Marcelo was in Brazil, but Rafaela had gone with the indigenous people, and he went to look for them
in the airport.
Indigenous people have never been to big cities, imagine taking a flight and going to another country. They came to a meeting to pray for the indigenous people and for the world. Rafa was the translator.

In June I met the Kuikuru Indigenous people, and they are from the Xingu region. I know why, she is Marcelo’s wife. He was my teacher and we’ve known each other for years. Marcelo celebrated his birthday in Ubatuba.

I was lucky enough to meet the Kuikuru, but I didn’t have to talk, but to be close. I met 3, they were parents and their son. I am the son who spoke Portuguese.

I don’t question Rafa, but everyone and how Traditions, and translations always change

I reflect on the translation that I always reflect on, we don’t even know what the other meant, and even in the same language.

But as I was in the kitchen and I heard a message that reminded me of Lama Lobsang.

So I was in the kitchen and I was taking classes as Lama Losang, and I was a Lama from Tibet. He said that the kitchen was a place for a psychologist with himself.

Rafa had told me that the indigenous people were shamans. They were meetings of various indigenous peoples of the world.

The shamans who also assisted people with severe trauma. With trauma from wars, rape, trafficking in women, drugs, etc.

She touched me that in addition to the prayer, it was “We must forget our past. Making a new life, knowing in the present.”

That reminded me, when he invited me to go and I was desperate and I was talking, crying and Lama Lobsang said “Let’s sew and he told me to cook

It took hours of cooking, mantra, eating and I had forgotten about my despair. Psalms for a room, Lama Lobsang speaks a word and despair came.

“One word and back to despair. You should even be grateful, because you can do everything. And every time you attack your mind of what once was. You have to be at peace with yourself.”

At the time I thought it made no sense.

We have to get out of our prison of ourselves.

1 Word puts agent in the prison of ourselves.

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