How can Dao makes me think abount freedom and prison. :)

I who didn’t want to be responsible for anything, but came to Dao. Dao showed up at the house, and we started to leave food, but it wasn’t even close. But when we leave the house because we leave it on Airbnb, and we need to. We left food and went.

But when we left, she was on the engine. Andrew who saw. When we were at André’s parents’ house. How terrified she was of everything. Even more terror was to see the dogs. She stayed a week in the engine.

 It was so hard to pinpoint close.  We didn’t even know she was a female, and we couldn’t even touch her.  She was terrified of us.  I imagine she must have gone from a terrible thing.

 As we have space inside the house, I had already decided that it was better for every 1 to have a room.


 That privacy of mine in my room, and André had hers, but Dao also invaded mine 🙂

 Now she got closer to me, she was much more like André but now she was terrified when he went to hold her.  I was just getting advice from friends and more doubts

 But one day Dao jumped on my bed, and I woke up a thousand times.

  André wakes up late, and I love waking up early and when he arrived in Dao, everything changed, she wakes me up.  I wish I woke up André.

 The day Dao stayed in my room and she came into my room and jumped on my bed.

 So I let her out of my bed.

 I thought she should do the natural thing.  As she disappeared I went to call and her name came and she came, and one eye was closed.  I died of pity, and thought she should sleep next to me.  She stayed in bed for a long time.

The next day I left the room locked, and she got angry and sad and well disappeared. She climbed a tree, was going to catch a bird. I didn’t even think she would make it, she’s three months old. We went to try to help, she wanted to get down. She fell and stayed behind the garden

 That day she slept in the other bed, and next to me.  When I woke up and went to pee and when I came back and she jumped on my bed.

 She went to cuddle, but when she turned into a joke, and sometimes she started playing and I said stop, and that I don’t understand anything

 I go to her space and run, and she went there.  Guys it was very funny.  It felt like I entered her space🙂 I never imagined it feels like her territory🙂

 3 days she disappears and comes back.  Even she peed in the room.

  But then when André’s parents came to visit us, they were the dogs.  During the day the Dao was hidden.  It was closed, but at night and it would find me.

 I asked people.

 Some people size me “declare it’s the territory, others think it’s necessary to be a companion because I’ve been out a lot, and also that it can be a problem to talk to the vet

 But what I do know is that everything has changed.  That is, until I have that everything is changing too much.

Since I love freedom, and I know the cat that came to my house. And now that it’s Dao here, I sometimes feel like it’s when both sides are learning from freedom. We both have. How do we both learn we’re spies? Or is it helping us that helps us to get to know each other? Perhaps this search for what freedom must exist within ourselves.

Love, Jules

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