I am aways for peace, not weapons

I’m always against guns.
But I have many reasons for war that I am against.

I also wonder who is behind this. In Wars, there’s always someone behind it.

In my doctorate, which was at Lse. I had a friend who came from Israel. I had hope for peace for Israel and Palestine.

But today’s topic is Russia and Ukraine. I have a dear friend who was from Lse and came from Russia. He lives in Sweden, but for many years he has not been able to see his mother and grandmother and meet their son.

Andrey was very sad about what is happening in his country and with Ukraine. But in his name he is not part of a war.

In the name of a country, he is destroying Ukraine.

It reminded me of another friend of Lse’s, and he came from Israel.

In Israel you have to go to the army. But his night because he thought it was unfair with the Palestine.

When my friend told me that he had denied to go to the army. He was put in prison inside of Israel.

After one year the army ask him if he would go back to the army. He denied again so he was put in the prison inside of the Palestine. He learned to speak Arabic.

When I told him “you should do this since you speak Hebrew and Arabic, I’m never just learning”. His answer was “why don’t you do it in Brazil about indigenous people?”

Those were harsh words, he’s right, it’s easy to solve the problems of people who are far from us.

I abandoned my doctorate and I still hope for peace. I don’t know how we can solve our problems in my country. And they are huge ones.

All of America, South America that is colonized by Europe. I am of European descent but I also meet indigenous people, but would I give my home?

What can we do? Names of countries, regional countries and religions and weapons do not solve problems.

So again, I’m against wars, army, weapons, but I hope we have to stop destroying. I guess we are not learning from the history of the world.

So, as it stands at the moment, I hope that no Ukrainian creates heat and Russia and means weapons. Even I think it’s cruel that another country has to do it (Help

So at the moment, I know what Andrey feels, Like me in Brasil since they are killing indigenous. I aways admire the indigenous. Even if I am the representation of me.

I know that my friend from Israel steal admire Palestinians he is like me.

But I also have friends who are Palestinians Ukrainians any indigenous.

For me all the problems I related to the world. But I also have friends who came from indigenous country and living in Europe.

I think yes simple and humble people we have comb our mind. I learned from the Tibetans and they taught me a lot.

Before my Comas I was studying international politics . At the time I had hates it and angry.

But I learn a lot from those who had lost from her land. I met Tibetans who still respect China. I had learned from the Vietnamese . In fact in Asia I never heard about anything I wanted to be a weapon.

So who is he fighting to win, oh it’s simple who’s behind is just someone who never realized that the power of money and will is never going to make you win yourself.So me and all my friends, we all have hate and a feeling that we have to justify who we are. I'm still trying to be better, and not be part of Destruction. love compassion and try peace.

Love, Jules

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