Days of Dao :)

21 days came to our house a cat. We do not know where it came from but the following day we went to a place to buy the food.
I know nothing about cats so I asked for my friend who has 11 cats.
Everybody who knows me and close they know that where is the cat.

As a rent in my house and I had to go I had to ask my friend to just put food when he comes back. The cat never allowed us to touching him he’s very small and if you’re close and they told me to just touch he doesn’t Allow.

But the most amazing thing is that we arrived a couple days here and yesterday André and his father saw the cat is under our car.
We have come from Ubatuba which is in front of the sea and came back to the house of the parents of Andre.

I don’t even believed that the cat had come because it is very hard to go from the sea up the city.
André was sure, so he put water and some food and quite fast heat.
Even if we hadn’t seen I thought let’s go to buy the food for the cat. The kind that we had learned from my friend Victor.

I found out the place of the animals of the house. Immediately I thought we had to find a way to take him back to her house in Ubatuba.
And then I saw he’s here I was so moved I cannot believe that he came all the way to travel with us.
André even had to understand where he’s coming from and we saw he goes inside of the car. I took so many pictures but he does not allow us to be close.

Andre’s parents knew a lot about animals and they have always made me to learn about patients. I understand that’s when people are pregnant have you had to wait for months this how are you feeling now is it going to go for me 🙂
Lets see when we will touch

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