Dao and the cat with Epilepsy

Yesterday when a friend came by and she has a cat, she tried to touch her but she ran.
We needed me to take her to the vet.
We didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl.
But at the time they tried and it was building.
I don’t know where anger or fear comes from
I warned you, but I didn’t know about the animals.
But today strange things with me.
I arrived early, and saw Dal distressed, and a nervous dog arrived.
I told the lady, it looks like your dog to me, and it looks like an epileptic fit. I explained that I spoke because I am epileptic. The lady told me what it is. It touched me and I said “I will play because I understand how it is”
I kept playing and saying “breathe, calm down, get out of that thought. Stop the nervousness, stay calm”
I stood still and knew I was slowing down. I know why it is in my crises.
But when it came time for our appointment.
Dao and how I thought it would be easier, but no. Not even the Veterinarian, it was the two of them and André.
But I found out that she is a girl and that she is still at home because the Vet thought it was better to stay put until the second phase of medication and she adopted to stay with us.
In other words, I think the day reminds me that we’re not all supposed to have peace. .
There is no greater calamity than the
And Dao (it’s like Tao) 🙂

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