20 days of thinking

When I arrives 20 years ago and my university das at Hofstra.I arrived at  happened 10 days before having  my class.As we arrived as foreigners , we have to sea our rooms. 

So in 20 days,  I have heard of people walk from different countries. They  different parts of the world from American,  Latin America from Europe Africa and Middle East
from Asia.  So I met and heard about their countries. 
Since I spoke Portuguese French Spanish and English I started with learning a lot about my friends. We did not have what’s up ,but I could hear different languages, and that I don’t know.    But I know that sun always called the family. 
  I starter to learn about Judaism,  Christianity Islam. I learn from,  I’m Taoism from Buddhism , Hinduism, sicle , spirituel, and Ignostic.
We arrived at the University and we are still yong.  We never have met so many People know the traditions.  We don’t care so much about religions.  I all about countries but I arrived 20 days before in, 911 .

I was in my room when my friend Caroline was desperate to talk.  I did not hear.  I heard the first bomb,  the second bomb than she was desperated.  I was close to my friend and I know her father works in the building. We were seating everything it was the TV.   

But luckily his father wasn’t working that day, but everything changed in the world and at the university.  It became much more difficult for my friends from the Middle East, countries in Africa, they are Islamic countries and they were seen with the eyes.

For me with my friends nothing has really changed as you wars have started I decided to learn more about international politics.
. I felt very sad oh my friends, who came from the   Middle East. None of them wanted the death of a new one.Just very sad to make people with fear with anger and without respect of other countries and traditions.

20 years ago real life then things change in one day.  I live in London and did my master and I abandoned my Phd at LSE. Therefore,  I was in was about Israel and Palestine.  
  I wander how people are being all over the world with Covid is there going to the university. I do know many friends wants to know about the power of the words

But now I don’t want to know what is the control inside.
I have a learn from my friends I’m from their traditions of different countries. Since Caroline lived with Pet they both came here in my house and it is in front of Sea.
And since Pet had invited me to go to China to , Hong Kong, I started to learn more about Asia, and Dao.
But every morning I look at the sun I look at the Sun and Sea , the proud earth and the moon. In a way I am glad to sea and I feel the Spirit are alive.

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