The Body, our mind and all Life

Every day I am having tea, which I think has many benefits, and made me think about it. Of course, I am not one who knows how to cook and is not bought ready, and I decided to tell you about things. In fact, I started reading everything I should eat instead of buying vitamins. People who know I was born to a thin and obese grandmother. My mother wanted me not to be overweight. And I thought it was out of prejudice against obese people. Anyone who has known me since I was little, knows that I was obese and today I am thinner. I wanted to tell everyone to make their choices.

These days when I started drinking tea that Ananta taught me. The first time I started drinking tea was when I was about 20 years old and I went to my friend Pet’s family home. And it was in China. There they took me for breakfast and brought me tea. And I asked for water, they brought me hot water and explained that even in the heat, change to ice cream. At that time I lived in the USA. He drank soda and cold water.

I got fatter. In fact, until when, at the age of 15, I lived in Australia. And so I was able to walk a lot, did not exercise, and did not think about health. Even because I thought “Skinny is boring, they want to piss me off, and they’re stupid. “I ate like the thought“ like what I like ”I wanted a photo and my mother and I leave one that was already thin because I preferred to take pictures of others. What did I think?

When I lived in London I ended up going to Morocco and had my first epileptic fit. And when I returned to London I went to the hospital and wanted to leave. Not knowing what to do, I went looking for an alternative method. And it started with a week of fasting. It started to change me. And I ended up going to India, and there I always drank a lot of tea. Today I am on both sides of medicine and I think a lot about the food we put in us.

Now it’s been about 3 weeks since Ananta came, who is the father of my great friend Sho. I had even met in Vietnam and they came here in Ubatuba. Ananta does yoga early every day, and I drink my tea which was lemon, ginger, propolis and honey. He told me it was good, but he suggested that I also add saffron and carrots. So I started and I love it so much. Ananta is 78 years old and his life is incredible.

I started watching my friends from 70 to 80, 90. Now I learned what a 101-year-old lady, Dona Maria, who is Anísia’s mother, who was the housekeeper at Grandma’s Ubatuba house. It became as clear as the relationship between food and movement and mind. Grandma and I went to her 100th birthday party last year, and she was using a wheelchair. That was the last time Grandma came to Ubatuba. Yesterday I heard that Dona Maria went to a nutritionist, she stopped eating porridge only, improved her diet and started walking again.
Sonia, who was a friend of Grandma, is 95 years old, and now walks with a walker daily. This walker was Grandma’s. And he talks to Grandma on her walks and as she says: “I walk with my friend every day”. She knows how to call whats on me. And one day she sends me pictures. They were friends before they had children. I am talking to several friends of 90 years who have now had to learn how to use their minds again. They never stop learning new things. I see you know how to use your mind. As Dona Maria knew that she was in a wheelchair for eating only porridge. She went back to eating fruits, vegetables, etc. and the body celebrating 101 walking.

Food is essential. That’s why I write this. Both food and movement as we see at present. And I, who was obese of thoughts, say how we are. I see all my grandmother’s friends in gym until 90 now activate new things. Naoko, who is over 80 and continues everything from the mind is active in everything. Ananta, 78, took this photo every day early. And I, my mother, who is 73, exercises every day and walks. In fact, my parents go to the mask club but not for anything. I, the contra, see how fundamental this is.

So I started doing more and I’m more active. I realize that even if everything is slow, any movement is better. It does not depend on age, class, or vision. I say why I was already fat, I already had no second coma, and I who could not walk and needed an orthopedist, who wanted to stop every second with so many explanations. But here I went to see the sun rise and I started to see it walking, running. Many who do before work. So I try to follow the active elderly because I admire them too much. Even because this year I’m 40 :).

I think of everyone, that we all make ourselves our best choices. The body is always active because what we drink and eat and our bodies are our minds. May we keep everything we are in the best way.

As love,

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