Wi sometimes I want to gout alone?

Today I want to tell you how touched I was to go to the hospital alone. I know that my mother wanted to go with me, André too, but I felt an internal strength to go alone.

It reminded me of how I used to go everywhere in the world alone. And now I felt what it means, that we depend on others. What does it mean?

The truth we always need from others :). I wanted to remember what it was like, how I did it before. Of course it is talking and watching others 🙂

So I went to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. And I alone could learn from others.

But I started going out on my own when I met an Australian lady who was 83 in Bolivia. This lady didn’t even know how to speak Spanish and she traveled from there to Europe to get to know Latin America without being a tour group. I wanted to demonstrate to my daughters that being a widow is not that life is over, life goes on.

And I realize that the best is learning from others. And she suggested I go to Peru. I was traveling with Sho and I said: “Sho, I’m going to abandon you because if she doesn’t even talk and can do it, I’ll try.” And of course, she taught me to always appreciate how there is so much goodness in humanity. I learn from everyone. Because I had gone to listen to music and there were only 3 people in the audience. When I spoke in Spanish and she said she didn’t know, I invited her to sit at our table. There she told us.

But today, when I was almost 40, I left a new neighborhood and took a taxi, because I saw him from the side and agreed to pay with a card, and because it reminded me of Grandma, I took the taxi more so as not to give Andre trouble to take, and she didn’t I knew how to get Uber :). But Grandma knew they were in a taxi way, and taxi drivers were no longer valued as before.

When I arrived at the hospital, I explained right away that maybe I was wrong, but then I entered my exams and always with the stories of talking to everyone on the way to get it right.

I know that what touched me most were the things I saw and talked about.

First, when I arrived long before the punctual, I saw many elderly people. Perhaps what touched me most was seeing three ladies aged 80 to 90 years waiting. I thought they were wearing masks and I thought they were all going to have exams before me. One of them was reading a book and two were talking, but I didn’t know what it was.

I also saw 2 women who arrived with a baby. They arrived on time and went together to take their son. But the old woman continued to read and suddenly a lady’s name was spoken.

When she got up to go, her friend said “don’t take everything you can forget”, the friend agreed but said: “better the basics, I’ll take it but you keep my bag”. That touched me too much. Ladies from about 80 to 90 will accompany your friend. The other had not gone to take the exam she was a friend.

When I went for the exam and told the doctor, “I was touched to see how friends help each other and it is not losing freedom, a type of prison.” I said it because I know many who had children and say that despite being a prison they love this prison. I apologized if you have children. And to my surprise, “I agree, we are already in a new generation and many like you and so many of my friends prefer to have a dog.”

And when I left and it was the lady’s time to read, she stopped and said, “It’s hard to miss a part of the book. Then I have to go back to understand. “Wait, I’m going to read and I’m going. He went down, read a little more and then went. “I admired it too much. She alone and realized she was watching and said: “Reading is very important, you are never alone with a book”

My admiration for the elderly never ends. Now Grandma Daisy’s friend, who is 93, sends me whatsapp messages, writes, helps the maid’s son who has lived for 9 years. Since he was born and as she knows how I admire it a few days ago, the boy has scored 10 in the tests, had an explosion of happiness. Daisy helps him in all matters. And it is this boy who calls her grandma.

I admire it too much. Even these days, we must always watch and talk to others. Hence my admiration for going alone, it is because I see how it is that even there is always the other, everything we see is like a book.

With love

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