Education and what happens now

My cousin Fe told me that I should start writing again. That made me look for my blogs “decolonizinando a mente” and “ translating Thoughts” on WordPress. So I looked, what I wrote before my comas.

It impressed me when I saw what I had written when I went to Palestine. Nothing disappears from my mind, having written and it reminded me clearly of every place where I went, of the people I meat. Having written it made me look for the pictures I meat. In other words, I was writing that I knew I could find.

But writing represents us, much more than I imagined. In addition to the enormous value of what people taught me, it reminded me of a friend in his doctorate who was doing his research in the middle of Africa. He was from Israel and he was doing in another area of mine, but we were at the LSE.m

In Israel, a man and a woman are required to to go to the army if you are not Orthodox. . As this my friend had denied, he was imprisoned for three years. One in Israel and two in Palestine. It was in prison that he learned to speak Arabic.

Today I realize that education is fundamental. I realize that as I learned when I was young Portuguese French Spanish and English. Today when I block a word in Portuguese it comes to me another language I had learned young. I think how much of it helps me that I had learned as a child. It stays in our brain. I had learned it in school.

But why do I say that? When I asked my friend why doesn’t he do about Palestine and Israel? He stopped and said and why don’t you do your research about Brazil?
It happened years ago but now I understand better. Yesterday a person I met asked me how the weather was in Ubatuba and who wanted to come here and pay a visit.

When I said it was not the time to travel and have contact with people, this lady told me that this COVID was a political fight.

I had already received people and did not take the covid seriously. But when a great childhood friend told me that she was sick. Her and her whole family have covid. It made me wake up. Here in Ubatuba since I saw it, more than a year ago almost nobody takes the covid’s seriously. My parents in Sao Paulo take it much more seriously and were impressed that I told them about it.

Here came my internal conflict. It is easy for me to be standing here in nature and in front of the seas. But how could I explain it to a person who is not in nature?

So my friend from Israel came to my mind that I didn’t do about his country’s problem. I understand how it is always easier to deal with the problem from a distance. And the hardest thing is to find, as I could say.

She told me these covid it was a problem in Brazil. So I told my friends from Palestine from Europe, the United States in Thailand etc that they wanted to know about me and knew about the chaos here. And so many places that asked if I was okay. I told how people are closed, with rules that it was not political it was science.

Maybe on my selfish side, I didn’t take care till my childhood friend and her entire family are in the hospital. It made me to sea how serious it is.

My father had told me to buy a television, the news and to go back to studying from how the seriously it is. For such a long time, but only now that I woke up.

And I start taking it very seriously. But how to get back to the newspaper. So I explained that I would not see anyone. I told her it’s not that I want what I do for fear of dying, I don’t want to cause it to the other.

So I write as I used to, I wrote thinking about others, not just about me. I realize writing fundamentally if I hadn’t written in the past I couldn’t remember.

The reflections come after reading what I had written before. I am grateful to Fernanda because before I would not have thought of the fundamental point of what I wrote.

When we are small we have to learn to read, write and reflect. It is fundamental to the mind, we all have to ponder what is going on. Just as I write because in this government the money for public schools and universities is decreasing. These are of high value.

The value of not knowing. Because someone wants science to be devalued, education is devalued does not accept what I said, what is going on in the world.

I write what reminds me of the value of science and education. See who does not force you to accept a truth if you do not question, this is not science, this is not freedom, and it does not care about you or me


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