Alyosha, Mandalay and I just love the people.

Dear lord you all have to forgive me for non editing πŸ™‚ on top of mynormal non perfect ability to write in any language I have always tons of stories and I am trying to write a bit in Portuguese and in English.

The small version of yesterday is that I arrived in Mandalay and walked in the street and an older westerner looking like came to talk to me.

He joined me and he looked older, worn out, and with a complex life. He looked like the Australian who had escaped prison and went to India. This men eventually told me he was Russian living half in Russia and half in Thailand.

I spoke to him of my adoration for the brothers of Karamazov. And he told me it was not adored by all Russians. He was nothing like my dear friend Andrey that sweats delicacy and truth and dislikes that book. He was mysterious man. I was not afraid by that, I told him I was in hospital 3 weeks ago. He told me so he was and that he had won a new family in Thailand out of something terrible . On top of it all his name was Alexei.

I quoted Alyosha and said it was his nickname . I was meeting him. He knew the book and he was bewildered by that sentenced. In fact shocked . He apologised and left. Alyosha to those who have not read the book says only those who have met their harder emotions can go further in the path of evolution.

As I sat alone a girl from Mandalay smiled and I sad hello. I started a conversation and so she moved to my table. Then came her mom. She spoke a little of English and we became friends on Facebook. 

I woke up and we decided to meet tonight. She will show me the market πŸ™‚ I decided to walk on my own and stopped and had millions little conversations and then I see some people eating while  siting in the street. I ask whether I could take a picture and Mr Win invites me to eat.

I seat on the floor and eat the best food I ever had in years. Spiced. Delicious. Non stop. And to top it all he spoke English and was a teacher. He told me the story of the country.

Once again I am not asked anything and he does not let me pay. I am welcomed to his country. I am told to return. The young boys showed me a paper of football players. Brazilians and Argentinians πŸ™‚

I ran back home to at least write this. Soon it is time to meet my new friend πŸ™‚
How is it again? Someone said the city was not interesting… I love it here. I saw pagodas and a mosque. So many things. I do not know the names of the places. To be quite honest what I love the most is the people.
They also take a picture of me and tell me I will be in their Facebook πŸ™‚ I am happy they will be in mine.

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