Paulki shows me a place to put Leila’s letter in Bagan.

I woke Up at 4
to not be late. I was here outside before 5. I took of piece of paper and wrote a letter to Leila. I wanted to put it close to a Buddha. 
I met the 3 engineers and we rented the motorbikes. I had not known how to ride. They wanted to see the sun lift and they ran. The Bulgarian boy helped me more. And I just decided to do it slowly on my own. They had a mission to do. And for them everything is about a personal fulfilment.

As I am riding a Burmese man sees that I fall. He helps me up and asks me if I need his help. I thank him and I say that I do not want to disturb him. He says he will at least follow me a bit till I know how to go.

Paulki is his name and he has a Brazilian cap. I tell him about my family and he tells me about his. When we get to a temple he tells me to come inside. I go and he teaches me it all. The history, the story of his family that had been here for the post 5 generations. He shows me a picture of Suu Ki on his phone.

When I enter one of the temples, stupas, I ausdenly saw a Budha. I show him a picture of Leila and I tell him I wrote her a Letter. He tells me to put it close to the Buddha. I stay still and do it. I pray, meditate, cry and feel I so grateful.

As we walk more he tells me I am a good friend. We stop to meet his friends. I ask what he does? He tells me he is a painter. I am even invited to see his family and his paintings.

We see so much. I learn so much. And thinking of the American Engineer I ask him how can I thank him. The American boy had told me I was deluded to think that the people to whom I talked and gave food . ” They would miss the food not you”.

I tried to explain that the people I know who live in the streets spoke to me about they would miss me talking to them. It made them feel human. He thought I was deluded. “We are meaningless in the world”

I ask Paulki what to give him. Maybe the American boy was right. And Paulki says

” I thank you.”

I insist. Let’s eat. Let me thank you somehow.

” You already have. You have a good heart.”

We share Facebook contact. This way we can see our pictures. We take a lot of them. He shows me his village and I tell him I can come home alone. 

We say goodbye with a hug.
I get lost. I talk to many people and not a single one of them did more than tell me the direction without asking anything material in return.

So as I said before in my lack of religion I meet every single one of them in me. In our deep humanity with its flawed we connect ourselves in the “limited” or non definable amount of energy there is.

I will always aspire for the inpermanent permanence of the value of single encounters I have had. I am defined by the priviledge I have for receiving and giving an non accountable amount of love, gratitude and joy. 

What this American boy sees as simple power I see as a gift. Not in the anthropological definition as a contract but simply not definable by language.

Paulki and I share a lot in photos, gestures, and in laughter. Thanks to him I have found a place where to put my letter to Leila. Insh’ Allah her good energy floats now in Kilimanjaro and in Burma.

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