The brain and my mind 6

Again I share my story to not give up your hope. As I am to write , and to activate my mind, and brain. We have to not give up how we are. Because I know that People always say think understand that we think.

When I lived in Brazil , after my comas I was in the house of my grandmother , so I write, and how my mother said and think, and how I remenber. And to think what we understand in deferent way

My mind mam wrote ( 2014, 2015
“she keeps recovering, fragile, but she has no crisis. 01/18/15 – goes driving alone to Ubatuba. She meets Andre Cunha with whom she marries for the 2nd time in Sep / 15.“
But I remember differently, I was living with my grandmother and she always had don’t say all the time about coma, and I kept hope to be like I am .”

I kept driving, travel alone to to travel in Brasil. When I was in Manaus, I decided to take a boat to arrive in Columbia, I took a seat for both the transporter elderly people and bills what about going to small cities

When I got better in 2014, I told my grandmother and I wanted to know and travel in Latin America. My grandmother was never one to say things that talk about negative things. She said we’d see each other next year. I flew to Manaus, couch surfing, and decided to take a simple and cheap boat.

It was a boat that brings materials, and things from the cities, through the cities of the Amazon. I saw indigenous people and Brazilians. But I started to understand Brazil. Since even I am from Brazil but even I feel I am a foreigners in my country.

How could I not remember , I traveled hammock on the boat. At the bottom of the frame were the things that were transposed, and we were on top.

Since I always speak to everybody I even became friends with the captain. He was worried about me. There was a boy that tried to speak to me all the time and he was trying to make my things to be in his schoolbag. My old was open, since we are in the boat. But when I had told to this man who wanted to put in my bag the captain m. Manuel started to talk to me .

In any city that we arrived I would ask him if I could go out. They stayed for eight hours, I will go and see the reality over there

Here were children from the Amazon and were indigenous they would try to sell things for us. Mister Manuel was not worried about my problems of brain. He was shocked that I trust people.

But since I met André in Ubatuba in 2015, we decided to go to Venezuela to Mount Roraima. As if I were relax, but André is a million times more than me. As if he could trust humans more than me.

But in 2015 we also traveled to Chile, since I’ve always lived in many countries, and I’m curious to visit more countries.

I have lived in Peru in 2016

My mother has written .

“ – Feb and Mar 2016 – Feels severe headaches and sees lights for about 3 weeks. Exchange ideas with Dr. Getulio but refuses to return to his office to redo the exams. She says that she “never goes back to a hospital or is treated using Western medicine, only Eastern medicine”. doctor Getúlio dies in Feb 2016. His headaches don’t get better and he decides to seek help from Dr. Caio Simioni who asks for an ANGIOGRAPHY. He finally has a diagnosis of Stroke and CEREBRAL VASCULITIS. She is again admitted to the Hosp. Samaritano where she undergoes pulse therapy and receives treatment with immunosuppressants. She feels sick, with the immunosuppressant, vomits and has dysentery.

-June 2016-She is depressed but still manages to travel alone for a month in Myanmar.

-August 2016-She moves to Lima, Peru, where she is only treated w / acupuncture with the Chinese, Dr. Pan. She reduces the cortisone from 40mg to 5mg all on her own.”

August 2016-She moves to Lima, Peru, where she is only treated w / acupuncture with the Chinese, Dr. Pan. She reduces the cortisone from 40mg to 5mg all on her own.”

And my dear friend Leila Alaoui died I went to the hospital and they do not have a Dr Getulio anymore, nome my friend Leila who called me to be present.

She came to my wedding in September 2015 in Brazil, and in January and February I lost my dear friend and my doctor died and I went to the hospital again.

Every day I see that anything that is emotional or spiritual it always make me fall down. So when I did not have it a doctor I have decided to go to Burma.

I wanted to go to Burma ( Myanmar) because of Vipassana end it came from there. The best thing I ever have done wants to learn about meditation and to deal with ourselves. I will keep writing a speaking to practice to come with yourself.

I will keep sharing everything that my mother has registered and my perception because the mind does not disappear.

I have ignored medicine, I and I respect but I also know they do not know so profoundly about the brain and the mind.

In this way we will discover, little by little in our lives, who we are.

Love ,

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