The Brain and and my Mind 2

Thank you for reading. They make me ponder the flow of my life. And you realize that so many things realize that when I write a lot, it activates the brain too much. As my father said “I write slowly, and few things come. “ And that I see, makes me focus, but not write si much. Than I can calms the mind.

I’m going to tell you slowly, because I want to share what my mother clearly left from what she saw, but I see it in a different way. But she saw me very sick. And I think about the facts I think about. This I confess makes me analyze and tears come out. I’ll tempt you how time circles.

my mom says
“In these 3 years she has been doing relatively well and has had very few seizures. He comes to Brazil a few times for a consultation, but the MRI shows no major alterations. Always very reluctant to take the anticonvulsant, the only medication for continuous use prescribed by Getulio.”

For the photos that help me, remember the time and the facts. And how to get to know the trips that will mark the world.
In 2008 I started doing my Masters at the LSE in London and it was on cognitive anthropology. And Ma I see that I traveled around India in September, October and it helped me inside and without seeing. All of this makes me ponder.

I remember I went to India and we happened to go to Dharam Sala. When I arrived there was a Dalai Lama class. I didn’t even want to do it, but Haiko told me “But since you say you don’t have prejudice, let’s see?”

I was doing my Masters in Cognitive Anthropology. And I was already thinking about my PhD. But there in India there was also an internal prison that I couldn’t even understand what it had. I was already terrified that I had gotten sick, in my brain.

I went to see the Dalai Lama’s class and I was moved by so many lamas from other countries and cultures. Haiko and I spoke in English, but I heard two Brazilian women who were next to me.

But the Dalai Lama arrived and everyone was amazed, and his first word was “don’t be a Buddhist, respect all religions, respect what’s inside you”. It touched me, but it didn’t convince me that I was still trapped by the political stuff.

But I say that because it started in me, in New York and thinking about politics, the control of our mind. And I arrived 10 days before September 11, 2001.

All of us foreign students arrive at the university earlier. Discover my friends and all religions, and agnostics and atheists. We begin to realize what the power of religions and their politics is like.

Then, as I had already received a scholarship to study in college, a few years passed and I found out that I had another scholarship to study in Amsterdam. This Scholarship was about international politics. This was in 2004.

I remember my friend Caroline, who is Swiss and was studying psychology, and she said to me “you already won a scholarship to come to the United States, and you already want to run away to go to the other country? You are running away from you.”

Funny, because this sentence was said by my friend from Switzerland, as it was also said by a friend from Israel. And I would go to another country. Just as my friend from Palestine told me “Because he’s still running away from his doctorate” Just as I also wanted to run away from my first marriage, which is in Holland. Just like I wanted to leave London, and I even wanted to escape from Vipassana.

The colleges, and schools of the world made me learn to argue. Then I knew that I wanted to argue with the person responsible for Vipassana.

I remember when I went to explain all the philosophies, and through the mind. She listened in silence and said “Your enemy is your best friend, it’s you”

I stayed just to prove it was easy. It wasn’t, but it was wonderful.

But what I couldn’t escape were my comas. Then I remember Dr. Getulio who said to me “Julieta, you who write, why don’t you tell, about.“

In a coma, I would travel through the hospital, I would travel to another planet. Then you have no way out, and sometimes you come back.

So I write that we have to get to know each other. Discover peace and compassion.

But as my father used to say, I count slowly. But we can improve ourselves as we are.

With Love,

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