Wake up and the internet

Sunday I learned something valuable from Lama Khenchet Rinpoche, and he told me how sometimes we claim, to see reality we see reality through the internet.

Even though he was a Buddhist lama and his class was in English. It’s not language. But inside me it makes more sense because I’ve lived in many countries.

When the Lama said it, it sounds like we are hallucinating and need to wake up.

At this point we try to see the reality of the Internet. And almost always we need to see what another lives.

When I asked him I sometimes think I’m hallucinating after my second coma.

The Lama said to me “How do you think it’s a hallucination? “

“I said I understand, but it bothers me”

And he told me it helped a lot

“So you are waking up from what is reality”

It made me start to value wanting to be woken up.

So I started taking out the phone when I woke up. I even meditated in my bed, I started to observe my body, my mind and when I woke up I took out my phone and André’s.

We wake up to reality and to where we are.

I know that the reality of so many countries around the world is trapped by the information we are. And in a way we are stuck to the world and the information of the internet and what is outside of our reality that we have built.

So I realize that all the realities of my friends are from countries, from indifference to their Perception of politics. All my friends don’t want to kill anyone. I start to wake up I hope people wake up from reality.

Andrey still lives in Sweden and his family lives in Russia so I know he needs to calm down like me. Just like I know my friends in Asia always understand me
But maybe I was lucky enough to meet new friends. Those can understand. These make me wake up. And through the internet I can keep in touch with my friends and they’re not even close. But their minds are close.

Everything the Lama did made me even more grateful to everyone.

With love,

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