My hug

These days I heard a very beautiful story. And it reminds me of many things in my life.

Yesterday I was at the meeting on Buddhism and action to others. But it made me think that it’s not about giving money it’s about compassion.

It reminded me of my friend telling me that we all have an inner loneliness. And he practiced putting a hug to strangers

When I traveled alone, I always say that we who travel like this are never alone. Sometimes when we were together with each other maybe we are more alone.

So I made a lot of friends that when we met, we hugged each other to say goodbye to our loved ones who went alone. We never had the loneliness.

Yesterday, I was told a story about a person who was on the street and asked for money. The person on the street lived on the street, and the boy tried to give. But he looked in his bag, but he didn’t have it. But he could give a hug.

The person was so emotional, living on the streets and for years didn’t know that their value was much greater than money.

It touched me and reminded me that my friend lives in London and was doing the hug campaign.

I remember I never thought it would make sense in England. I know a gentleman from Amsterdam and he lives in Asia and he always hugs.

But me in Solitude reminded me that in London we were able to see young people, young and old, and that they wanted the hug from my friend and the hug campaign. Sometimes they laughed, sometimes they cried and talked.

Those of the hug were right, that the hug is worth more than the money.

A hug,


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