In our paths, we try to wake up

Facing the sea is the house that grandma gave me, without telling me, and now it has Buddha in front and Dao.

Since I was little I learned from my grandmother “What you give is no longer yours”. It was because many people still want to control as their own.

Well, my grandmother Lucia was Catholic and my house is changing as she should have imagined.

She is slowly becoming Asian. As soon as she arrived at Dao she is a beautiful cat. Which are the same ones she saw in Burma and Thailand.

And all I went through in Asia was more meditating and doing yoga and suddenly I found Buddhists. Fortunately in Dharamshala I met and took classes with the Dalai Lama and Karmapa.

The Dalai Lama’s first word was “Don’t be Buddhist, respect all religions, respect what’s inside you”

So I started to admire Buddhism and meet so many lamas, and that made me find a way. And so I find great friends who aren’t even close.

And I would look for the right place. And never knew. I would go from every region of the world that I lived and I would always take off and feel trapped
And Buddhism has always stood in my way.

Yesterday I was listening to Lama Dorje and it really touched me. I met him in June, but since those days I have meditated more and my hallucinations have disappeared.

It touched me when a person submitted their question. “Lama, what is the level of compassion? If I already help my brother, if he has no home, and he is very drunk, etc. What do I do? Lam said, “First you did well to help him, don’t judge him. Doing so will help make you more drunk.”

Even he reminded me that I had learned that we should never judge a cat that has done something wrong, because that stimulates the cat’s mind. When we play, always encouraging us to do the same. They can't even speak, but the mind works like a cat. One Lama said that a friend said that we are never alone.

I heard something like that, but I also remembered that a Tibetan once told me “Now if we always want to think that we are alone we are alone in a negative thing. But in fact we are never alone, but we need to free ourselves from ourselves.
As long as we are at peace with ourselves, then we have the path of compassion.” So my house my grandmother gave me and it turned Asian. Buddhas inside and out. And grandma is still inside me, and so many friends. And like the Tibetan lamas, it makes me think of Tara that she is the mother of all Buddhas.

Gratitude to my mother and for her who is even more of my house Tara. And of course I know that everything is impermanent like the sea, and my home is becoming my home, but I know it’s a mandala, like us. Just as the place is our mind.

With love,

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