The the way I go

I must say that I write without anyone editing. It is difficult to write and speak. But I love writing and telling other people’s stories, but I’m going to tell myself. And I’ll tell you about my life. And I would say “never accept that you couldn’t learn new things”, and Take the old learnings of life seriously, and the new. Of everything in life we ​​must keep the hope of life.

So I’ll explain to you how I studied around the world. I learned in schools, and learn languages. If I couldn’t talk and technology that can help my mind. If I hadn’t learned other languages, I imagine it would be difficult for me to be speaking and writing. My mind works like this.

I won a scholarship in Brazil from IBEU – Instituto Brasil Estados Unidos. As I said, I studied at hofstra university in the United States. I won at the US college and won another scholarship to study international politics, the University of Amsterdam. And then my master’s degree was at LSE, which is in London. Then I won to do a doctorate and dropped out.

And I was lost, learning Hebrew and Arabic. My doctorate was about a school of peace between Israel and Palestine. All I was looking for was discussions.

I was talking to my dad today, and he said that the times we are trained, to prove our perception, of what we know. He said it’s boring people thing 🙂

When I was little I was at Lycee Pasteur, and my school was in French in Sao Paulo, and in Buenos Aires, and it always made us prove what we know. But what do we really know, or choose from whom to transfer responsibility?

Sometimes I think, what did I miss? I realize that any epileptic fit was related to how angry or depressed my mind is.

So I want to tell you how it started with my first epileptic fit and I went to Morocco. I imagine you started it, as I am. But I think it was 911 in New York that started my despair.

With all my interests, they were everything. I went through music, cinema, decolonizing, international politics, and philosophy and anthropology.

It was in 2007 that my first epileptic attack was in Morocco. As I said, Morocco is a country that I love. And to this day it makes me get to know myself better.

I went to visit Leila, and Mounia. Mustapha is from there too, and I worked at the school and it was the place for languages ​​but before I knew them in the USA. Mustafa is the best class I’ve had. It’s called, and what my blog is like. It’s called decolonizing the mind. So I continue to decolonize my mind🙂

I confess that I sometimes get angry when my brother tells me how smart I was, or when my father tells me to forget about my past. The but I try to remember the past and the present.
Maybe I pretended I knew and pretended I knew🙂

But I’m learning, that we can learn new things. I see how there are studies that the brain can be active. Any old study pension that is dead🙂

So I’m going to try to count the day before, of my coma, And how I’m learning daily from a norm in a new way and to keep our brain, our mind.

But all the studies now are calling this time I have Autoimmune Encephalitis. E li “(EAI) are a group of inflammatory diseases of our brain, caused by the production of autoantibodies against neuronal antigens. In short, this inflammation arises when the immune system attacks the brain cells themselves. As for these antibodies, we can call them autoantibodies.29 Aug. from 2021”

I tell you because they’ve been called several names. But in addition to having fallen, because I was trying to use being out of medicine and I had 2 comas. Today I respect medicine and other ways of thinking.

I keep meditating helps not hallucinating. Acupuncture improved the mind and body and the floral. But I know that even they don’t know what the brain and mind are like. But my lack of explanation of who we are calms me down. And ironically the hospital median. Already makes me this gift and question 🙂

Doctor Getulio Rabelo, has already left, but
said that I should say what I felt, in my head, in my mind, since I speak and feel. But even though I’m critical, I see what I feel.

But I have to count slowly, I also realize is that if I get active we get tired of ourselves.
With love,


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