The path of the exchanges of our lives.

Yesterday I took the bus here in France. I usually see in many areas of the world yong people seating in the train and in the bus.

I always seat if there is no older people. It amazes me how most people don’t care about older people with canes and do not stand up to let them seat.

Maybe it is because I have already broken my leg, been in coma and had my lag modified. And of course because I am close to my Grandma who is 94 and is conscious and read in 3 languages and even has broken her lag and has a walker.

I am back to walk , mountains etc and my grandmother is back to go out with her friends alone, but I have realised how hard it is to lose abilities.

I admire older people. There are areas of the world where they do. But I guess many dont.

Yesterday, as I was giving places to a lady who came to the bus she felt like it was not necessary, another lady, that was close and it was fundamental. So she accepted and I told her I would look the bag of food that she had.

The other old lady told me it was very rare someone cares about the elderly. I told her I love Asia because to me it seemed they give more value for the lessons of life.

Just by speaking and helping a lady with her walker to get out of the bus.

She was amazed that I helped and she told me it was not typical in France. I told I admire and as I blocked to say a word and the lady was direct: “ getting older”.

I agreed. I said how much I admire the knowledge the elders have. I tell her that it is why I admire Asia and some reasons that have nothing to do with traditions but to value the enormous amount of knowledge that people who get old have accumulated.

Today as a friend of mine who is not in Paris told me to go listen to music.

It was wonderful. But while I could know easily about one famous composers of . It was in a church and I was so curious of one song and again I decided to speak to an older couple who was there.

I learned from them the pianist was Elio di Tanna,

Playing Bach, Beethoven, Erik Satie,Franz Lieszt and him.

It was in the church, Eglise Saint Ephrem-le Syriaque, here in Paris. The couple even spoke of the controversions of one composer who was too modern for the time he composed.

I agreed music is so controversial in modernity but I loved to see older people and young listening music.

During the day I had gone to the Louvre. I have been there in the past but this week, Monday protest, Tuesday closed, today full. Info all tickets by internet. People dont give much info. It is very said to see the elderly coming without an idea. All the info it is in the internet. I wonder why these ideas of diminishing workers . It will always makes them loose jobs and the elderly loose the ability to see them. Hard to think all could depend of the Internet.

I wish people would realise before getting old. How much wonderful change we should exchange with with elders. Hard it is the path for all of us. We should learn from both sides, and help from both. That is the value of life.

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