I love freedom and all beings should have it without fear.

I wonder how do we change so much in our life. I am now in France. Last year I was again in Asia. I love so much meeting people around the world that makes me wonder how do we have change by the time.

I admire people getting older and giving value to things and do not run and admire life and beings. I guess I admire travelling calmly because I have always done it. I love hearing the stories that people tell me in a slow style. I will always consider that the people I have met with profound stories will mean more to me than years on university.

I admire being allowed to study and to learn to be creative, critical but after two comas how could I remember more about people that I met in seconds . People who were not afraid of nothing. People that always heard the others and animals that are free.

Knowledge I barely believe it is coming from tv or books or school. To me it comes from speaking to to people and to observe.

Today I decided to tell I am here in France in Auxerre. Yesterday as I was looking at the river laying down and suddenly Andre told me. Wow look the Duck is close to you. I looked and loved it. I love freedom. Some days before we were in Dijon and I was there watching the ducks. Made fotos and I saw a couple of about 90 years so I felt likely I should say “sorry to disturb”

The lady told me the ducks usually run away from people. I spoke to this older couple and they told me to go see the museum that was now open. I realized she was older because they would forget what they have said. But I admired that they were there in front of the river and telling about things, even forgetting and saying the same. I admire that they did not give up life. They older people, forgetting things, told me about the museum.

André and I went to another lake because the museum was closed. There I saw even more ducks and even papers of explanations of what kinds of ducks, the differences of ducks. It was Wonderfull to see the younger and the older there to walk and see the ducks.

We went to the museum the following day. That was great. It was amazing. I was surprised how much enormous it was this museum. I thought it would be small for going there because it was an older lady who told me to go. They were people of all ages. I was amazed to see older people who do not take the elevator, they walked a lot in this museum.

Anyway as I come here and I lay down to see the river, the Duck comes to stay with me. An older lady was surprised to see the duck so close to me. She asked me how that had happened. I explained I did not know. The duck just came. She could not believe. She had studied about ducks and had never seen that. I spoke to the duck and she ( the duck) sat with me. I gave food that the lady explained it was grass. She could not believe he would come so close to me. She asked millions of questions, how could I did it? What had I have done it.

I told her I was singing ” Om Tara tuatara the Soha” which is a Tibetan mantra for tara. Before the duck had come. She still could not understand. I thought a lot and I thought and said maybe it is because I am a vegetarian, I feel sad to see animals in prison just to make humans happy. I said “Maybe the Duck knew that”

Of course a French lady could not understand it. Asked me if the duck was mine. If would go with me. I answered, I never want to put anyone in prison. I admire the duck because he flies, walks, and swims.

Days before I was in the house of Christian and Milou and there there is a free Cat. I had told her I love Cat. And I admire that she let her Cat free to see the nature.

She who is Jewish and very close to tibetans told me Cats is about curiosity. Freedom. The following day comes to me a word of HH Dalai Lama talking about his Cat.

It made me remember how I had admired the cat in Ubatuba that was also free and from a lady that had 3 cats. 2 usually would go out, only one likes to be home. I admire that lady that I don’t know.

I thought about that these days. And then came to my mind the Monkey that years ago came to my hostel in India and became a friend. Monkeys I always see as a an animal that is showing where is his territory. He became a friend. Writing it makes me remember last month I was looking for a long time a Squirrel. It is so beautiful. I saw it in Mexico when I was with Alondra.

Then it comes to my mind me and Andre in the most beautiful beach of Ubatuba where we were looking to sea the seagull , then comes to my mind I climbed a mountain in Mexico where the indigenous told me, because I asked what it meant for him he said to ask permission of the mountain to go to the mountain and to look and see what I feel. I did it. I went up with not fear and as I sat I looked maybe an eagle flying in front of the little mountain.

Then came to my mind Andre and I in Vietnam seeing butterflies and rabbit.

Those were free.

But also we saw elephant but that I find it is sad.

I love freedom that we all should have. I know many people think differently . I just write to say I have not changed I will always defend freedom for all beings.


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