The attempt to say a little and a lot about my time in Burma.

Since I have been writing this in different languages. Sometimes I wonder weather I already sad that. 

So I will attempt to add it all here.
In about two months I had mild stroke. I was found with Cerebral vasculitis. I had tickets to to fly to Israel and I wanted to visit my friends from Israel and from Palestine. I was told to cancel.

One month later I had another inflammation in my brain and from hospital I bought a ticket to come to Burma. People where rather concerned but there was nothing to be said my deep desire to come here would not be killed one more time.

I flew and met amazing people. In Mandalay I became friends with Mr Win who is in his sixties and who spoke well English. His father had worked for the British. From Mr Win I was told part of the history. 

Aung San was killed in 47, independence of Britain happened in 48. He had left 3 children Aung San Su Chi, and Aung San Oo who lives in the Us and a dead child. 

Su chi returned in 88 to fight against the Military Junta and was put in house arrest for 6 years. In 2011 there were frauded elections that put General Thein Sein in power. And only in 2016 did Tink Jaw who was not from the military but rather the son of a famous writer won with apparently massive support.

At the time I was told by Mr Win he believed disbelieving and took me going to Bagan, Yangon, Kalaw, and Inle Lake to understand a bit more of what really that meant.
Both Bagan and Inle are extremely touristic and beautiful but they never enchanted me as much as Kalaw. 

And so I learned in Inle that in 49 the prime minister became Unuk. There was extreme influence from both China and India and the desire of separation of many states.

From what I understand there are 7 states and 7 divisions. Being the states Cachin, Cayá, Cayín, Moon, Tchín and Chan. And the divisons Mandalay, Yangon, Pagô, Ehaudí, Tanin Tají and Sokai.

Since Unuk could not keep all states together, I am told by a man who seemed to adore the Junta that in 48 General Niwin started to take power and in 62 he declared that there is no possibility for communism nor separations.
Niwin is followed by General Sómo in 88 and in 1992 it is General Their Suí, in 2010 it is Thein Sein who calls for the “fake” elections. 

It is important to say that while the west made his boycott which never comes from real concern to people, but probably economic influence  China and Thailand did not.

Most of my time I have spent in Chan. I love it here. However my friends here come from here, from Nepal and from Yangon. The Nepalis are from Gurka’s families and apparently differently than in Brazil mixigenation is not common. Marriages are either arranged or by love.

So then by me asking the whole world I meet loads of Asians here. And while Mr Win misses the British, in Inle Lake the man seemed to miss the generals, the youth who is educated is rather pessimistic.

They openly talk about the fact that this new democracy works for the reach. It creates new laws, new taxes and new fees. My beloved Kalaw is being bought by reach people from Mandalay or Yangon.

The mountains are permeated by plantations of local groups. The elderly do not speak Burmese, they speak their local language. Children do because they go to school.

I stayed here 5 days left and returned for more 5 days. By this time not only I am invited to eat for the past three nights in Min Min house, but I learned their customs , I bring gifts and last night I was given gifts from locals.

How can I possibly explain how moved I am by everything. How thrilled I can walk more then 20 kms every single day. I am thrilled to be recognised here not as a common tourist who simply thinks about them selves but to be recognised by the manager of my hotel as someone who actually really loves here. She gave me a Tamei (local clothes)last night so that I would have something from Chan.

I was moved beyond belief to get a scarf from Tara( Min Min’s wife), to learn how to put it by Thutu who studied in Uni Pali and Buddhism. I truly hope those who come this way can give these people the real value they have.

The world is going through the same phase all over. Some of us are so lucky that we can escape that. Virginia is from America she quit her life 2 years ago. She is in Ko TAO, Thailand guiding scuba divers. She did not give herself to disapointme t and returned home. She stayed and is here to renew her visa. Just like me she looked a special place.

We are not consumists of the resources of the world. We are the privilege ones who can choose to go down in our pains , we stand up and we search for beauty. 

I am so happy she heard me when I told her Min Min was great. I am so happy she could really see the depth and the beauty of being here. It is not Disney beauty. It is the beauty of life.

So, while our world is choosing this path of total exploration of resources, exploitation of people we are in a different path. This path of profound knowledge of the other which is self knowledge. We know is for few and we understand different people want different things.

With its limits there is Internet. And we can through time remain in contact. Like I have done with some people I met in Asia for years.

It has been 6 months since Leila Alaoui has departed. I have put letters in a pagoda but none was so important like here. Kalaw is my new little home in Asia and I am about to go to see Min Min, then Mr Win then Nong Khai.

Yes , I tried before 3 times , in the third time I almost died in Bangkok. I was in a coma. When I woke up the world that I knew and love no longer existed. I was abandoned, I had loss of neurones. Life had no meaning anymore. And when I did not die one day the anger disappeared, the ability to love was given to me again, my desire to come here was wildly awaken.. And now I can simply say Thank you. 

3 thoughts on “The attempt to say a little and a lot about my time in Burma.

  1. Beautiful Julietta. I am so happy you were in the office that day to recommend Min Min to me. I had a beautiful time with you and the guys. Take care and hope to see you again someday. xoxo

  2. Muito obrigada de todo meu coração! Adorei Burma!! Recebemos por aqui, outra demonstração do egoísmo humano. Situação conflituosa no Reino Unido! Feliz por você e suas escolhas. Beijo grande, Yara

    Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 02:21:48 +0000 To:

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