Hours walking in Kalaw and the story of this wonderful country

It is rather difficult to see so much, speak so much like I always do and to write in both languages. Hard to publish it since the Internet always depends on how many people are using it.

However I would like to tell you about my last day. It seems almost boring to say that it was wonderful. But it truly was. I am about to leave Kalaw and yesterday I tracked from 8am to 6pm with Min Min and Thutu.

Of course people and I always talk through sines and language but Min Min not only spoke  English well but he knew about everything.

I asked him what he thought about the government. So in the brief version I ll tell you What Mr. Win told me in Mandalay. It goes a bit like this: the British left in 48.

 General Aung San was killed in 47 and left 3 children. One is dead and the other two are Aung San Su Chi who studied at Oxford and Aung San Oo who lives in the Us.

In 1988 the Junta, which is the military government, took power and Su Chi returned to defend her country and was put in house arrest for 6 years.

In 2011 there were elections who gave power to the general so no one really believed on it. The blockade made by the west was never made by China and Thailand.

This year (2016 ) in April the election gave power to Hint Kiaw who was not from the Junta but rather from the party of Su Chi.  

So I arrived in a country where people seem to believe is positive change but they disbelief at the same time. And they are all in the Internet now.

Mr Win regrets the departure of the British and dislikes the Junta. His father was a translator for the British. He taught me a lot when I was in Mandalay.

Yesterday I spoke to Nim Nim whose grandfather was to my surprise from the Gurka. So when the British left he was given the option either to stay, or to return to Nepal or to remain with the Gurka. He stayed and joined the local army before it was the government.

Min Min is 29 and when I asked him what he thought of the new government he told me it was too early to know. What he could already see was that there was more taxes, more costs, it helped banks, and created a big division between the rich and the poor.

Min Min showed me it all. We walked for about 10 hours. And not only did he know about every single plant, every single tree, every thing about the region. But he was always willing to help.

We walked to a Buddhist cave and I was moved beyond belief! Bagan was wonderful, but this quite, closed place moved me more deeply. I sat and heard the mantras a lady did. I had tears on my eyes.

I walked bared foot and stepped in shit. I laughed. They helped me clean it. I told them if that was the worse thing in a day it was a wonderful day.

Min min laughed and told me for them to step or to dream about shit was good luck. We were washed by water. Brief rain after a hot day of many kms walked was to me a blessing too.

I am even invited to come to his house to have dinner with his wife and children. I am so tired, so dirty that it is better when I come back.
I do not enjoy running, I enjoy spending time and returning. 

So today after 5 days in Kalaw I go to Inle Lake. And luckily I ll stay less there and come back for dinner and walks with Min Min, and after that I want to go to Mandalay to say goodbye to Mr Win.

Oh and very importantly Burma is a coloniser name, it is actually Bámar or Myanmar 🙂 and there are  7 states:

Cachin, Cayá, Cayín, Moon, Tchín,Rakai and Chan.
Spelled in a way I can get the prounounciation close enough 🙂

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