The importance of our acts

Things that seem little to you sometimes have profound effect on one’s life.

That is why we should probably choose positive actions and words. We might not even realise but we are building reality.

I just found out two of these apparently small acts that have changed lives.

About a year ago, Nininha the lady who works here in our house, told me she was suffering. Her child ate nothing, and was afraid of going out.

My dear friend Rafaela was here. Rafaela studied both anthropology and psychology. She worked with the indigenous people of the Amazon. I asked her whether she could talk to Nininha. And, naturally did she did. Apart from profound knowledge that came from Universities. She has something which I find way more important. She is compassionate and non judgemental.

“Nininha, do you eat with your child? Do you spend time with her?”

“No Rafaela, I make the food and put it there. After a whole day working in so many houses I sit to rest and watch tv.”

“Nininha, try to ask her to cook with you. Make of it a game. Turn off the TV and sit with her.”

I had not heard from Erika, Nininha’s daughter, till these days. We naturally talked about several things but she did not talk about it, and I did not ask.

I didn’t ask because I had forgotten it, but simply because I have learned to let people tell me what they want, rather than interrogating anyone.

Some people might even take it to be self-absorption, non caring etc. Most of my close friends I hope should know I wait for them to talk and then ask when they talk about it.

So I was in the kitchen when Nininha told me out of the blue.

“You know, since I started to follow everything your friend told me it all changed.”

“Wow! You really do it? Does she eat now? Is she more confident?”

“Yes. I follow all that she said and it is really important.”

I was so moved.

Today I woke up and called a friend to go climbing. She sent me a message saying.

” I can’t, but have a good day”.

So as I was in the kitchen I recorded a message saying “Good morning, and asked Cre and Raquel, who work here to say Good morning to her too”

We did it laughing.

My friend sent a message back saying: ” You always wake up happy!”

As usual my mind flew back to Asia. More precisely to India. I woke up in my usual happiness then and my friend said.

“What did you just say? How can you always wake up cheerful ?”

“I said “Bom dia sol! Which means good morning Son!”

“What do you say when there is no Sun?”

” I know you might find it silly. But I say good morning cloud, or rain.?”

I obviously had stopped saying that when I was sad, sick, tired of life.

But today when we received the message of my friend saying

“You always wake up cheerful”

I remembered and said while I was in the kitchen

“It is because I have already wished Good morning to the Sun. πŸ™‚

I never knew where it had come from. And then Cre told me

“I taught you.”

And I remembered it! Cre was my nanny when I was born. She hid under my bed to sleep with me so that no one would know simply because I was afraid.

She left us when I was 6. I never forgot Cre.

When I came back to Brazil last year almost dead my grandmother jandyra, who is very spiritual told my father “you must call Cre to take care of her. She was the first person to do so.”

When I got better, my grandmother Lucia, with whom I live with did not want to let Cre go.

She worked before with my other grandmother.

When I went to my Neurologist last week he told me

“I am not religious but your case is a miracle! Give rest to your Guardian Angel. In my career nothing has moved me so much as this. Your desire to live is just amazing.”

I naturally told him he could not ask me to spare a being he did not believe in πŸ™‚ and that for a long time I prayed to die.

Maybe that desire was non-conscious everything fights to live. That is why the sparing of non necessary information, betrayal was crucial.

I am thankful to all of you who read this. All of you who have prayed, all who have taken care of me. I am eternally thankful.

We change the world in a daily basis. I l feel I will be forever buddhist, and forever respecting of all the other religious people and none religious ones who attempt in a daily basis to build a more compassionate world.

And I am conscious that my daily happiness in the morning has origin! It is because I was taught to say good morning to the sun. Rafaela should know that Erika eats better now because of her.

We all should be more conscious of the impact we have on the other.

Love, from Brazil


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