Our Mind and the Mirror

Good morning, as all our days are good, and also because we are alive, we just have to understand.

I left it in the posts, and of all the damage to my brain, my comas I can still write. I learned the methods that I feel we can always get well, and even better.

And I keep saying that meditation has many ways of doing it. But the depth is that we get an area of the brain that we never use.

Of course I didn’t learn it alone, I learned it from a Tibetan lama last year, I confess I told him, because writing was difficult.

Our conversation was about distance, and our prejudices, when I went to tell them that I was having hallucinations, that my brain was damaged and that I couldn’t get better, that’s what they told me.

The Lama spoke about the first question, “we all have hallucinations and we choose what we think”.
I already considered this a belief and not a reality, because I never did.
On my second question he said
“We use some parts of the brain, you should use another area. ” Lama Khenchen Rinpoche

Today I see that I had my prejudices that I knew from the brain, but he was right.
I even went to check with my friend Laura, as she is a neurologist. And it’s true she has parts of her brain that we never use.
But I even see my prejudices
with what is not scientific, but I even know that in science you don’t know everything either. This all, it seems our mind

But that’s when I tried to use other areas of the brain, and I didn’t even know it, but I started meditating every day. I had already done Vipassana, and some other courses but always in an escape from within.

But just in case, or spiritually, I took another Buddhism course with a Lama from Nepal and I was in Ubatuba last year.
Unable to speak, hallucination, forgetting, etc. I’m fine, more at peace than ever.

This week I managed to read what’s in the book in three days, that’s almost a miracle. Don’t waste your time devaluing yourself, and understanding meditate.

I’m going to leave the name of this book as a gift for meeting my new Buddhist friends and we meditated at a distance.
But I’ve been trying to meditate for so long, and also how I did it, but it gets tired, but with this book it helps you more. He helped me to meditate, and see.
Perhaps what hurt me the most, when they told me that what I said, what I thought and they said about my Comas and they will destroy me. But it is not the other who knows who we are. This we need to see and find out.

But now, I started to discover the back of my mind, it hasn’t changed. But there are things I’m trying to change my mistakes , away from me and follow the thoughts of others.

“It is much better to notice one defect in yourself than dozens in another, because you can change your defect. “Dalai Lama

But as of today I saw my mistake and wanted to modify my ego.
For example, there were two women who arrived at the door of the house. They came to invite me to an Evangelica meeting. I said thank you and gave it back because it wouldn’t.

But the mistake of my Ego was that I said that I am an Atheist, and speaking of a thousand things, and that I went to Israel a lot, and that is to demonstrate that I can go. At that time I saw myself, from my arrogance. And even I was talking about meditating and she told me that her measurement was with God.

I was quiet, then suddenly I remembered she’s like me. That minute erased the Ego. And I was even touched. Thus, as we are the same woman.
But that ego of mine. That I will try to change.

As my friend Sabrina says, “The heart of the wise man, like a mirror, must reflect everything, without being stained.” Confucius
It is difficult for us to change our behavior, but even with losses in my brain, I discovered other areas, in my mind every second I discover and try to modify my mistakes.
With love, Jules

The book When the chocolate run away

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