Leila Alaoui



Leila 2

What to say? Leila has left this world. She was a victim of an attack of Al Qaeda in Ouagadougou. She is my friend. Will always be it does not matter where she is. She lived with me. She called me weekly after I almost died in Asia. I knew her house in Morocco. I almost visited her in Lebanon. She came last year in September to my wedding and she was part of the ceremony. And I barely gave her all the attention I should have.



I do not know what to say but what I feel I must say is: Please do not feel anger. Do not feel Rage. Do not want revenge. Leila would never preach that. Leila’s pictures say more than the beauty,  it shows she always got the soul of the person, and was allowed by people of places where they believed they were looking their soul. Leila who liked the borders, who went to all over to search the reality of things. Leila deserve nothing but your love, respect, prayers.


Soulaimane who is her brother, the  one who knew her, and was so close to her, was the last to see her  here. Pray for him. For her family. Do not spend this time to feel anger. Despair is common but we must let go in a lovingly way.


I remember she made a Moroccan style thanksgiving in NY to all the abandoned in the Uni. Those who did not have a family there.  She thought of them. It was in our house. We barely knew the people who came. And they thanked us for that so much. She hosted my dear childhood Brazilian friend when she survived the house burning in NY. There are so many good things to say. But, I will stop. I will not speak of that. I pray, I prayed. Mixing all of the religions in the world. We wish you Leila a safe passage. I wish you who are here to not let anger invade you. You who know her must know she would be the last to want that.





With love,



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