The Gate Keepers- The Amazon

I am inside of the boat. I am about to take a 7 day journey inside of the amazon. I am going to Tabatinga. Till two days ago I did not know that place existed. I sit in a hammock. I am surrounded by hammocks where we will sleep.

One day to hate manaus and now I already miss it. And I am still in the port. I made friends here. Raphael and Mayara. I already miss them.

In the way here I talked to the lady who sells tickets for the bus. Here in Brazil, it is not the driver who does it.

We spoke through the traffic. I told her about my trip. She gave me her number and she made me an invitation. I should come back and visit her house. Dear lord, I feel this nostalgic feeling to a place I have yet not left. A enormous desire to return. Drago was right. I had go keep going. Deep down so did I.

I am inside the boat. To one side is kellen a 8 year old new little friend, next to her is her grandmother. I like this boat. I wait for Martin, though not Brazilian he is late. I am happy. The people are welcoming, friendly, helpful.

I probably will not have internet these days. There is electricity so I can keep writing. I’post later.

I look at the grandmother and ask her.

” Will I get tired of the boat?”

“It is a beautiful journey. I am leaving before you. If you do not like you can come out with us.”

” Can I take a boat back to Manaus?”

” Of course you can. And you can see our place first. But I don’t think you will dislike it. Tabatinga is beautiful. So is Leticia.”

She smiles when I say my grandmother is concerned. We take pictures to show her.

I will be gone for a while. You all should know there is always beauty everywhere. Sometimes it takes a little time for your eyes to change. But once they do you know. You remember it all. You hear the laughter, the joy that surrounds you.

I feel myself again. I want to see this world. I had lost that. I feel I am back. And as I knock in the doors of the world, I feel that the gatekeepers were not those unfriendly people that I thought they were.

First you might get hurt and disappointed but if you turn your back away you will never meet the real gatekeepers.

Those, the real ones, will always welcome you. They know you have not given up on the path.

Love from the boat.



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