Going for the Second Time to The Middle East

Dear friends,

If you are in this list, it is because you either asked me to be included in my travel writings, or I felt like I wanted you to know what is going on 🙂 In any case, if that changed since the last time i went wondering around the world, and you do not want to get these emails please let me know.

As it usually happens I am writing this because I am on my way somewhere else. While I am debating moving to China, traveling south East Asia or actually doing my PhD I decided to go back to the Middel East.

I know most people would say it is not the greatest time to travel to the Middle East right now. I am not totally sure what I will be doing, and all I know is that I land in Ben Gurion Airport tomorrow ( well, actually today).  I was supposed to fly there later, and differently than most people who when see a conflict reasonably decide to stay away I decided to go into it. Why? Well,  I guess I need to find out whether I can live in that stratified militaristic society in chaotic times like now to do my fieldwork, or whether i should recognize  my rather mundane personality and choose something like meditating in Asia 🙂

So no plans. Differently than last time, this time I am arriving  and will have a friend pick me up from the airport. The initial plan was to learn Hebrew  and stay put but now while I do want to lay down in the beach and enjoy the sun,  I also want to see the other side of things, so I want to venture into the West Bank. I know, most people will argue it is not the best time for that either… but it might be also just the best time to get a real idea.  I have contacted some palestinian friends, some experts in the area, and they encouraged me to go. I recognize I  am making these plans from far away and that I will have to see how I feel once I get there. So let’ s see, I ll sure let you know.

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